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What we are doing now

The establishment of the 6-chair dental clinic comes with a great responsibility to ensure for its maximum and appropriate utilization. The clinic has two restorative treatment rooms with four chairs and an oral surgery/pediatric treatment room with two chairs. It includes a radiation/sterilization area and a multi-purpose room intended to allow for educational seminars with audio-visual capabilities in place.

A Dominican dentist has been hired to serve as the Clinic Director. Her role is to provide for the preventative care for the students of the school to include education, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride application, placement of sealant materials and emergent and restorative care. Additionally, she will serve to triage the patient needs in advance of outreach programs from domestic and international educational institutions.

In continued collaboration with the New York Academy of Dentistry and US based dental school and residency programs, we are planning 3-4 one-week outreaches a year to provide for the comprehensive needs for the school and its community.  

Progress of care and needs for consultations can and will be monitored via internet and cloud based applications from the US based World of Smiles Inc. and its dental team.